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In Game Tiled Map Editor
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I have never payed much attention to my personal sites, and as such I've decided to change that! I will instead pay very close attention! As I slowly convert my personal page and blog to a new style, and can perhaps detail some personal and business projects on which I am currently working. Sometimes we do the total opposite style of thing personally than we may do for business purposes and so it might be nice to share.

Old Works by Joshua Kanz

1-18-2018 - Graphics Card Not Working After Upgrading To Coffee Lake GPU? My Core i5 8400 Office Machine, a Mini ITX Build recently had this glitch. As it turns out Ubuntu up to 17.10 doesn't support the newest Intel graphics processor out of the box until Ubuntu 18.04. As a result it's considered under linux alpha support until next LTS release. Anywho, you can check out a short detailed fix for enabling alpha support and getting your graphics and video resultion working perfectly! Easy Peezy!

Extending Google Voice and Google Hangouts with VOIP Phone integration with a desktop computer.

So Old It Might Be Back In Style! - Joshua Kanz

You should probably skip the rest of this it's no doubt completely irrevelant and I'll move it! I know, 8 years from now, I agree.

August 13, 2008

A few weeks ago I was a bit fed up with the battery on my Sprint Mogul phone and decided to figure out what the problem was and why my battery always died in less than 24 hours. It isn't as though I were using the phone for hours on end and so my standby time should be significantly longer. This got me started on my mission of increasing my Sprint HTC Mogul Phone Battery Life.

March 19, 2008 - 8:36pm

Most likely my layouts will be changing dramatically over the course of the next few weeks so my apologies to those of you who stop by frequently. On a positive note for everyone who only loves me for my music, you'll be happy to know I will once again allow music downloads via the link that has been provided to you (hope you didn't forget it).

Recent changes

Recently I have decided to make a few "virtual' changes around here. This will now be strictly a personal site about yours truly. For any and all computer related queries please visit my business web site by following this link Accent Computer Services. As the company is expanding so are the number of services now available for you, networking, computer repairs, custom software, database design, web applications, search engine optimization (seo), POS systems, printing services, and much much more!

What's Old?

March 19, 2008 - 10:32pm

FREE mobile INTERNET on my sprint mogul phone !

So earlier this week I was getting ready for a business trip and decided I was through not having mobile broadband internet on my laptop. I have tried the mobile broadband in the past and found that it functioned very satisfactory. Now you are not going to break any speed records with this thing, but as far as doing some light work on the road you certainly won't notice much difference between the air cards and your regular cable modem.
After some intensive reading for a few hours last thursday morning I discovered what I am sure is a not so novel approach to using my Sprint Cellular Phone ( A PDA Phone - the HTC Mogul ) to connect my laptop to the internet without purchasing what Sprint refers to as the "Phone as Modem Package" ( roughly $50 monthly depending on your current account ). If you are interested in learning how to use your Sprint Phone to get internet anywhere, the read my HTC Mogul - Phone as Modem Guide.

Now Since this process worked out so beautifully I will soon investigate upgrading my Mogul to have the EVDO Rev A upgrade newly available on the HTC website. As this was just released on March 10th, this year, it is most likely flawed as most new things are however I have my fingers crossed and so far the few speed test results I have seen come in have been promising. Though I have seen reports indicating 2 times uploading speeds with the EVDO Rev A Upgrade, there has not been much hope for the download speeds which remained seemingly unaffected. After I download and install the upgrade I will run a few speedtests of my own and report the results back, and i'll see if I can't make up a quick tutorial for anyone else who would like to get a little extra bandwidth behind them while on the road.

My HP DV9000 Laptop

A fairly recent addition to a growing collection of laptops, the hp dv9000 series laptop was an excellent purchase for the price. Originally my mobile computing was done on a previous model hp laptop, the dv6025se which is the 1.8ghz AMD dual core machine. With the dv9000 I decided to test out the Core 2 Duo processor with the new Vista operating system. On the amd programs ran smoothly with the exception of any complex graphics applications such as a substantial flash program with inner movie clips and buttons anims. So far the Core 2 Duo has been an improvementhp dv9000 laptop over this in flash, but suffers in other graphics programs such as fireworks which interestingly enough were not so laggy on the amd dual core. Overall Vista is just a memory whore and its intenst graphical interface makes it difficult to purchase a "run of the mill" computer and still have the system move at a reasonable pace.

March 20, 2008

Making Windows Vista Faster

Improving general system performance on windows vista does not require drastic changes however if the aesthetics is what you were after you will be sorely dissappointed with my solution. If you change your system performance settings to disallow for all the graphic interface that vista offers you will shortly find yourself with a machine that runs much more smoothly and looks very much like windows 98. So if travelling back 10 years in graphics doesn't appeal to you, then maybe the sluggishness of the xp operating system is for you. I will stop back later on and detail these changes for everyone who wants to know, if you cant wait until then, feel free to email me anytime at