How to Use a Desktop VOIP Phone with Google Voice, 100% FREE VOIP Solution

This is an ongoing experminent to see if it is possible to connect multiple Google voice phone numbers to a single mutli-line VOIP phone via a desktop computer. The end objective would be to route individual numbers to specified lines on the VOIP telephone for office use. The existing integration with cell phones via the Hangouts app is the perfect mobile solution MINUS the ability to actual make phone calls! This makes using cell phones with the Hangouts app great for receiving business calls on the go, but horrible at making one! Assuming a straight integration of the Google Voice phone number to the desktop phone, it may be possible to make calls just like you would by using hangouts or the chrome hangouts extensions (which personally I prefer).

Which VOIP Desktop Phones Work With Google Voice?

Again any information related to this topic would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to mail me at gmail if you wish to share or contribute in any way, and thanks!

Use Only A Wireless Headset with Google Voice Instead?

Is it easier to simply use a bluetooth or otherwise wireless headset via the computer instead of using a desktop phone. Something like one of the business grade plantroncs headsets with multi-point technology to swap back and forth as need. This would require multiple occurrences of the hangouts app to be in operation at the same time.

Other Free Reliable VOIP Options

Alternative options would certainly be helpful. It is always difficult to really on a single solution to provide long term answers to a problem. Becoming reliant on any single technology is never a good idea, obscelence means failure.

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