Graphics Card Not Working After Upgrading To Coffee Lake GPU? Ubuntu

Using Ubuntu 16.04 to 17.101-18-2018 - Recently after building a new Intel Coffee Lake series CPU ITX machine, I installed Ubuntu 16.04 and noticed that despite updating Ubuntu I had only a default resolution showing in the drop down list in the Displays options in settings. I had only 1,024 by 768 resolution available. Checking my graphics card with a "lspci | grep VGA" displayed only default vga, and when attempting "xrandr" / "xranr -q" Linux reported back a failed attempt.
So off to find drivers I went, when I quickly realized that there were no special Intel Graphics drivers the Coffee Lake GPU chipset. I'm fairly confident is is the same built in GPU Kaby Lake came with, which worked fine shortly after release.
Off to bug reports! Thanks to some quick thinking on Giannione's (from part the problem was solved! (I believe Gia was using Ubuntu 17.10).
As it turns out, because the Coffee Lake processors are so new the driver's are considered to be alpha by Ubuntu. According to Ubuntu detecting newly released GPU drivers without using setting the alpha support will occur in Ubuntu 18.04.

Intel Coffee Lake Built in Graphics Not Working in Ubuntu RESOLVED!

Intel Coffee Lake CPU GPU Core i3,i5,i7 8100,8400,8600,8700 K

Okay kids, without further ado, let's resolve this situation!

Fixed! Coffee Lake Internal Graphics Not Supported Ubuntu 16.04, 17.10

Head over to system settings and check displays, or just go to "about this computer" and you should know see your Intel Coffee Lake Graphics Card Listed! Additionally, you should now have full access to resolutions and everything should be working as expected from this point forward.

As I am aware that Coffee Lake CPU's are new, I'm sure many more people will encounter this before Ubuntu 18.04's release.

Update to Ubuntu 18.04 No Longer Needs To Enable Alpha Support

Thanks for stopping by all, hope this helped someone out!

If anyone is interested in what my new Coffee Lake build was, I'll be adding the entire build shortly so everyone can have a look. It was one of my first ITX builds without a CD/DVD drive or at least the room for one!

Intel Coffee Lake Core i5 8400 Mini ITX 16GB 2TB PC Build

Joshua Kanz