htc mogul phone batteryHTC Mogul Battery

Why does my battery run out so fast? I had been asking myself this for quite some time when I decided to put some thought into the subject. I realized that like a laptop battery is drained the more applications you have running the HTC Mogul battery consumption most likely functions the same way. Many time I start up applications on the Mogul without remembering to shut them down. Additionally the way you charge your Mogul's battery is important to the battery's life expentancy.

Being a computer-a-holic I spend most of my waking hours in front of my laptop and as is most convenient I usually charge my HTC Mogul Battery with the Mini-USB to USB cable and my laptop. Using the Mini-USB cable to charge your phone will add very little to the battery's charge. For the most part if acts to retain the current battery level and charge it every so slightly. Another puzzling mystery solved was that of why one usb cable seems to supply more power than another usb cable when charging the phone via my laptop computer. I came to understand that all mini-usb cables were not created equal. Some Mini-USB cable run at a different power level than other cables and when you are using different cables with you phone you want to make sure you have the right cable for the job, preferrably the one that was packaged with it. The HTC Mogul wall charger is by far the best method to charge your phone's battery. When charging the phone to it's maximum battery capacity (lifespan) the wall charger seems to give the phone it's strongest charge, lasting the most hours.

Overall I have been slightly dissappointed with the quality of the battery, I intend to look into upgrading to a battery with a longer lifespan if possible. At the moment I will have to be satisfied with an extra battery. One other saddening fact was that when using the HTC Mogul Phone As Modem With My Laptop Computer the usb cable should be charging the phone however the power required to maintain the connection to the internet is more than the power charged back to the battery from the computer. I have been unable to test this with the battery charging from the wall adapter since all the "splitter cables" that came with the phone do not seem to split to 2 mini usb port unless one of them is to headphones or something else.

HTC Mogul Battery Life Extended With Taskmanager!

I plan to upgrade Mogul software as I read they made available a taskmanager with the windows mobile upgrade. At the moment having to navigate my way to the memory section of the mogul phone settings is a bit too cumbersome a process for me, a taskmanager should alleviate this and make it much simpler to control running processes and applications on the phone. Honestly I am not quite sure how they didn't make the task manager a bit more convenient right from the start, it is after all Windows.