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Using My Sprint HTC Mogul Phone As Modem With My Laptop Absolutely FREE!

htc mogulHTC Mogul - Phone as Modem - Sprint

So with my new HTC Mogul in hand I began my expedition to discover how to use this phone as a modem and without those nasty subscription fees. Needless to say I got it working or I wouldn't be writing thise here blurb, so let's cut to the chase then shall we? I know all you kids are excited to play with your new toy....

HOW TO Connect Your Mogul To Your Computer / Laptop

Let's begin by firing up your laptop or desktop machine as well as your Mogul phone, and unplugging any usb cables that may or may not be attached to the mogul phone (no usb from the mogul to the computer!!!). As with any windows operating system it never hurts to give the phone a quick reboot before attempting any, well anything at all ;) ---> So! Once you have powered on said laptop and rebooted your Mogul, simply connect to the web using internet explorer or active sync on the Mogul phone. Once you have a web page opened, open the start menu and select "internet connection sharing". You should immediately be prompted for the network connection, ensure that "sprint pcs" is selected and then select "connect". The mogul will then alert you that it has either connected to the computer or there is a problem with the usb cable (which would make sense since we haven't plugged it in yet, *hopefully*). You guessed it! Go ahead and plug in that usb cable from the computer to the mogul. Windows should immediately detect the new connection and install all appropriate drivers. Open a web page in your favorite browser and enjoy the surf!

Sprint Phone As Modem Using HTC Mogul

Sprint / Mogul Phone as Modem Summary
These steps are tested on all versions of windows xp and vista.
  1. Have Your Computer, HTC Mogul, and USB to MiniUSB Cable handy.
  2. Make sure internet connection sharing is not running on your Mogul
  3. NO USB Cable is plugged into the Mogul
  4. Open Internet Explorer on the Mogul
  5. With the web page running, open the start menu and run Internet Connection Sharing
  6. Ensure "Network Connection" is set to "Sprint PCS"
  7. Select "Connect"
  8. Connect your Mogul and laptop using the USB Cable
  9. Allow windows to automatically detect and install the appropriate driver software
  10. Browse the web and enjoy!

Things You'll Need...

The HTC Mogul PDA Smart Phone
USB to MiniUSB Cable
Laptop / Notebook / Desktop - Computer

my hp pavillion laptop that i use to connect my mogul phone and get free internet on the road.

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