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I will be getting around to starting a blog on my site, for now I am using a site created by google so that anyone can start and maintain a blog of their very own. My blog can be found there at where I will be discussing various computer topics. If you have a question regarding a computer software or hardware issue please feel free to post a comment at that site and I will respond as best and as fast as I can to your inquiry.

I intend on discussing computer repair concerns that may or may not be already addressed on the internet. I have found that many technical assistance websites are now requiring you to sign up and pay a small monthly fee to view answers to some of the most common computer problems, I hope to add a site to the net where you can find information like this at no charge. As always when it comes to computers, you need a pre-existing knowledge of computer systems to put this information to use.

Computer Topics

To give you a basic example of what sort of computer topics I will be discussing please refer to the list below. However there is such a wide range of computer knowledge that can be shared this is by no means a definitive list, simply something to provide you with a general idea of what topics you may be able to find technical information about.














Computer Services

For more computer service and support information please return to my home page.

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